A selection of elegant, sexy, entertaining and emotional music.


1. Teenage Birdsong by Four Tet
2. La La Life by Alin Dimitriu
3. Spin The Wheel: Styyx (Janus Rasmuss)by Delhia De France
4. Black Hole (Gui Boratto Rework) by Ben Bohmer & Monolink
5. Valkyrja (Gorje Hewek & Izhevski Touch) by Raw Main
6. No Mantra (Original Mix) by Tibi Dabo
7. Phenomenal (Original Mix) by Meeting Molly
8. Manasarovar by Volen Sentir
9. Body Sun (Claptone Remix) by RY X
10. Wall To Wall (Extended Mix) by Eli & Fur
11. The Butterfly Effect by Ryan Clavette
12. Phantom by Alastor & Rue
13. Klunsh by Serenity
14. Serpantine (Paul Hamilton Remix) by Ivanshee
15. Demeter by Local Dialect
16. Odyssee (Pt. 2) by BLR
17. The Night Is Yet To Come by ALMA (GER)
18. Good Enough (feat. Tailor) by BODÉ


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