JMOMCOCO is a Venezuelan-British electronic music producer and digital artist, most of his productions are based on outdoors and studio recording mixed with digital synths.


At a young age began his inclination and passion for electronic music, on the early ’90s, a time of synthesisers, raves and experimental music, discovering sounds and electronic musical genres, feeling identified with this community, which shaped the characteristics of his creations, irreverent break of traditional music patterns.


In 2005 he released his first complete production called “Haleine” with eight tracks, unfortunately, due to disagreements with the record label, all digital platforms removed the album.


Moving on moves to Amsterdam to DJ on various events and clubs and later on to London where he studies Audio Engineering. He begins to use field recording techniques, using sounds to create instruments mixed with synthesisers.


At the same time, he develops a concept based on research on human interactions during and after the breakups to create lyrics with a more significant approach and less superficial meaning. As a result on February 14, 2018, launches “UNLOVED“.


From 2018 started playing on several occasions at Ministry Of Sound and other important venues in the Electronic music scene.