JMOMCOCO is a Venezuelan-British electronic music producer and digital artist, most of his productions are based on outdoors and studio recording mixed with digital synths. The characteristics of his productions are the irreverent break of traditional music patterns followed by the melodies melancholia.

JMOMCOCO grew up surrounded by music, listening to his father playing the piano and the guitar. From early age studied music where he learned the basics of composition, piano, pan flute and transverse flute.


At a young age began his inclination and passion for electronic music, at the time of synthesizers, raves and experimental music, where he began to look for sounds and musical genres in what he felt identified. Performs live and DJ sets in the genres of Trance, Psychedelic and Electro in different events and festivals in Venezuela.

In 2005 he released his first complete production called “Haleine” with 8 tracks, including tracks used in his DJ sets, unfortunately, due to disagreements with the record label the songs were removed from the digital platforms.


On an identity search, JMOMCOCO moves to Amsterdam and later on to London where he studies Audio Engineering. He begins to use field recording techniques, using sounds to create instruments mixed with synthesizers.

At the same time, he develops a concept based on a research on human interactions during and after the breakups to create lyrics with a more significant approach and less superficial meaning. As a result on February 14, 2018, launches “UNLOVED”.

Using taglines as “There is no poetry in the breakup”, “Love is binary” and “Unloved, because love is a dirty business” since the lyrics are powerful and straightforward but do not contain poetic sentences but a strong lyrical content.

Conceptual music can be challenging but after a while, we always can relate to the experiences lived from others, imprinted in the music and lyrics, that’s JMOMCOCOs goal.