JMOMCOCO is a London based Venezuelan-British electronic music producer/DJ. He frequently bases each production on outdoors and studio recording mixed with digital synths. The characteristics are the break of traditional music patterns followed by the melodies melancholia.

His family encourages him to study Philosophy, Plastic Arts, Photography, Academic Music, and Transverse Flute (Venezuelan Orchestra) during his teenage years. During University, he found a new perspective in electronic music. Studying Systems & Audio Engineering, where he begins to use field recording techniques and a self-built library of sounds to build instruments mixed with synthesizers.

On February 14th, 2018, he launched his first electro-pop album titled ‘UNLOVED’ under the independent record label ‘Hona Music.’ Followed by ‘No Te Amo Remixes’ and ‘Without Walls Remixes’ working with upcoming artists Sam Lucas and Bompe.

In 2019 performed with his father the electronic productions on acoustic with guitar and flute on a series of places in London as part of the launch promotion for the single ‘Borrachito.’

As a DJ has performed in various well-known clubs and bars in Venezuelan, Aruba, Curacao, Amsterdam, New York, and London. In 2018 debuted in Ministry Of Sound as a resident for the promoter ‘Sestra London.’ Currently, Dj-Producer resident for ‘Nightshift Club.’

The DJ mixes, merge Deep, Progressive, Tech-House & Melodic Techno. On SoundCloud, the mixes ‘SOHO SESSIONS’ can be expected be-weekly, other Live Sessions and older tracks are found on this channel.